Geosynthetics for erosion control and soil stabilization 

Geocells decrease erosion and increase vegetation

Geocells are polymeric structures used to protect slopes from deep erosion, where strong soil confinement is necessary. They have a particular design of a three-dimensional honeycomb, usually made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). When they are set up and stretched on the ground, they need to be filled with soil. This enclosure mechanism ensures excellent protection from slipping and erosion.

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Features and Benefits

Cost effective

By design, they are similar to an expandable Christmas garland and can be stored very compactly. Their light weight and small size help save transportation and installation costs.


It is possible to choose product diameter and thickness. These parameters depend on the soil inclination and quality. Steeper slopes require smaller diameters to increase the confinement. Poor soils require thicker cells.

Easy installation

Geocells are very easy to set on the job-site. They are placed on the slope, expanded, and filled with soil or aggregate.  

Hydraulic efficiency

They are interconnected with junctions and have holes for water to pass, so no weight is added to the structure.


Geocells have high tensile strength and resistance to failure. They can withstand strong water flows and prevent soil from being displaced. 

Environmentally friendly

They are recyclable and extract no dangerous substances to the surrounding environment, so they are toxin-free and eco-friendly. 

  • Slope and embankment protection

  • Load support for roads and railways

  • Reinforcement of stream beds

  • Landfills and contaminated sites

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