Acrow Bridges

Modular Steel Bridge Systems 

Prefabricated bridges perfect for emergencies and quick applications (temporary or permanent)

Acrow® are quick to assemble, modular bridges, made of high-strength steel. They can be installed in a matter of days but serve up to 100 years. A perfect fit for emergency and temporary applications but could also be suitable as a permanent solution, with special treatment. With the span of 11 meters and unlimited length, they can withstand loads of up to 250 tons.

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Features and Benefits

Quick installation

A new bridge in weeks or even days! A bridge around 55 meters long and 7 meters wide takes only 12 days to assemble. That is why Acrow ® is a popular choice during road works, natural disasters and facility failures.

Easy assembly

The bridges come in prefabricated parts that are put together as a constructor in a matter of days. They can be rented and moved from site to site in case of emergencies, construction, or for military purposes. 

Size flexibility

There are six possible widths between about 3 and 11 meters (1-3 road lanes). The length of a single span is up to 100 m, and there is no limit on the length of multi-span bridges – it can be virtually as long as you want. 

Long service life

Acrow® can be a valid permanent solution as its service life is 50-100 years. The steel is protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing. Properly implemented, it does not need any special care or maintenance.  


Made of high-strength steel, the bridges can withstand the weight of all live loads like people, cars, trucks and railroads up to 250 tons. For example, an 80×4 m Acrow ® bridge can support a weight of a 75-ton moving vehicle. 

Eco-friendly materials

Bridge modules are made of steel that is 100% reusable. Comparing to their concrete counterparts, CO2 emissions, energy and water consumptions are several times lower.  

Acrow® 700XS® Properties
  • Length: single span up to 100 m, multi-span – any length

  • Width: 3.65 m, 4.14 m, 5.48 m, 7.31 m, 9.14 m, and 10.96 m

  • Walkway width (outside truss panels): 1.5 m

  • Material: hot dip galvanized steel

  • Service life: 50-100 years

  • Certifications: ISO 9001, AISC for Major Bridge Structures, CE for Europe

  • Temporary: detour rental, movable, shoring, extractive, heavy haul

  • Emergency: for the necessary vehicles  

  • Military: wet gap, dry gap 

  • Permanent (need to be specially designed and adjusted): for pedestrians and other unique applications 

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